Tsubame Infobox
Kanji "脂肪"
Romaji "Tsubame"
Alias "Buoyant Master Tsubame (浮力マスター脂肪, Furyoku masutā shibō)"
Race Human
Gender ♀Female
Hair Color Ebony
Eye Color Black
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Previous Affiliation Silent Outlaws
Guild Mark Location Left Thigh
Occupation Mage
Previous Team
Base of Operations
Personal Status
Status Active
Relative(s) Sumiko Ran
Magic Rubber Magic
Weapons Primal Pummel
Manga Debut Chapter 01
Anime Debut Episode 01
Japanese Voice Kyo Michi
English Voice

Tsubame (脂肪, Tsubame) is the Deputy Commander of Silent Outlaws and the sister of Sumiko Ran.


Tsubame colored

Tsubame's debut appearance in the colored manga series

Tsubame is a moderately obese woman that wears a large white western hat with a green brim and red feathers sticking on the right side of the fedora. She has long ebony hair extending all the way to the sides of her cheeks. She has minor small freckles on her face and a dark look on her eyes. She wears a pink checkered button up shirt and a sleeveless jacket resembling clothes that of a pirate captain. She wears a red handkerchief tied around his neck and a violet belt with three distinctive colored gems on the side. She carries a gun, strapped behind the left side of her belt. She wears normal white pants and red pairs of shoes.


Tsubame was seen to be a shy kind of person, when other people would confront her or would like to talk to her she doesn't directly talk to them but sent his guild member to do the hearing and talking. This was also later seen when she asked permission before she pounded all her enemies. She was also seen as a person with great courage, when it comes to battle she would never backed down from a fight but instead gives everything she has towards his enemies. Lastly, Tsubame was said to be a mysterious person, it was said that Tsubame holds different secrets about the magic world that even her sister doesn't know about.

Magic and AbilitiesEdit

Rubber magic infobox

Tsubame's Rubber Magic

Rubber Magic is a type of Caster Magic which allows the caster to utilize the properties of rubber to its full potential, this includes turning the caster's body to rubber as well as objects around him or her.

  • Protective Umbrella (保護傘, Hogo kasa) When Tsubame acquires a certain amount of rubber she can then turn it to an impregnable armor. The armor itself is lightweight but can withstand a great deal of damage.


Primal Pummel (プライマルパンメル, Puraimarupanmeru): A 100-tons mace with several spikes embedded in every corner with a single hoop below which when dealt with strong impact can affect a large area.


The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing. (善良な人たちが何もしないことのために悪の勝利のために必要な唯一のものです。, Zenryōna hito-tachi ga nani mo shinai koto no tame ni aku no shōri no tame ni hitsuyōna yuiitsu no monodesu.)


Tsubame is based on the One Piece character "Alvida"