Name Primal Pummel
Kanji プライマルパンメル
Romaji Puraimarupanmeru
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Type Magic Item

Primal Pummel (プライマルパンメル, Puraimarupanmeru) is a mace owned by Tsubame.


In its dormant form, the item appears to be a metal club with several spikes sticking out from its head. The mace has a little hoop below that handle which when attached to a rope, may swung by Tsubame for longer distance. Amidst its weight (100 tons), Tsubame is shown carrying the weapon single-handedly without any hassle.


Mace of justice effect

the "Primal Pummel" and its devastating effect

The content of the mace is made out of pure vanadium metal which makes it more devastating when used. The spikes melted to the head of the club is said to kill a person alone. Tsubame can fuse her Protective Umbrella to the weapon to add more durability and damage.